Episode 40 – Outsourced

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TOPIC: Outsourcing
Guest: Jon Jones, Art Outsourcing Manager with smArtist

Sooooo, how have you been these last five months? Did you do something new with your hair? It looks great!

Nothing too crazy new from our side of things. A couple of us shipped some games and we all still live in the same places as the last episode. So anyone that bet Ryan would now be living in Borneo and I would be living in Alaska by the next recording, pay up!

This episode we talk about our love of smaller, downloadable games, a lack of gateway co-op experiences on consoles, organizing the Animation Bootcamp for GDC 2013, and layoffs. Then we all knife fight Jon with our words about how outsourcing is trying to take our jobs.

We have been meaning to have Jon on to talk about this for literally years as outsourcing is a topic that most devs only see from one angle and after many failed chances, we finally found the right time to record all four of us. Which for the record is late at night into early morning. On a random Wednesday.

Which means, as a bonus, you get to hear me transform from a passionate game developer into a passionate cat lover over the course of 2 hours without the use of any alcohol. So join us won’t you?!

Show Notes:
Good Guy Jon Jones Meme
Lessons on Perspective
Predicting Layoffs
Layoff Survival Guide

Sister Cat

Episode 39 – Girl Trouble

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TOPIC: Sexism in games and gamers
Guest: Caryn Vainio, UI artist at Uber Entertainment

I bet you haven’t heard enough about the Tomb Raider trailer debacle? How about Anita Sarkeesian and her “tropes vs women in videogames” kickstarter?  Well, sit down for a spell and listen to our take on it, because us and the people we agree with tend to be right about most things.

I know some people are thinking this is a dead horse topic. No one is making you listen.  But you should anyway.  I can say with certainty that I’ve learned and changed lot since this whole thing started a few weeks ago at E3 and my eyes were opened more even in the course of this podcast conversation.  Caryn explains some pretty basic but powerful things in a way that might make a lightbulb go on for you too.

I know this episode comes a little late to the conversation but it was actually recorded two weeks ago and a pretty major edit was required and the editor (me) is also crunching like crazy to ship a game.  The edit (you’ll know it when you get there) had nothing to do with the topic of sexism but rather how games portray other real-life horrors and Mike brought up the issue regarding one particularly, belligerent Gamespot reporter’s take on the game I am working on.

My (edited out) opinions on the topic aren’t particularly surprising, if you were ever to hear them.  I continue to do Reanimators because my voice is not owned by any company and I think these conversations about games can be helpful to both us and the listeners. But in exchange for that, it is very important for me to steer well clear of ever being mistaken for a mouthpiece for any company I work for or have worked for.   Companies already have people for that. Me? I get hired to make shit look good.  My opinions are my own but there is no prudent way for me to weigh in on a controversy of a game I am currently working on, especially when it’s not out yet.  So that part is gone and we resume with where that conversation segued too.

Also, sorry for the PC fan noise at parts.  I was (unsuccessfully) trying out a new mic arrangement.  My bad.

Show Notes (LOTS of show notes for this one):

Episode 38-April Fools

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TOPIC: First words and roundtable chat
Guest: Jalil Sadool, Senior Animator at Dreamworks

As is par for the course, it’s been a while since our last episode and when we finally got together to record on April Fool’s Day, our original guest had to drop out at the last minute because his house was under siege by bears.  Luckily, we’ve been wanting to talk shop with Jalil for quite some time now and he came to the rescue at the last minute.  Not from the bears.  We don’t help people with their wild animal problems if they snub us for the podcast.  Bad luck too, since Mike’s wife is a taxidermist and probably knows a thing or two about making bears dead.  But one must have principles.

We talked about how much creative control fans should have, RPGs, Kickstarter with it’s potential ups and downs, talk comic books, gush about Journey and Mike tells us why he loves mocap so much that he wants to marry it.

Show Notes:

Hollywood’s Waning Creativity

Ryan’s Kickstarter Blog/Rant

Art Gets Better – Mike Jungbluth

March 19, 2012 | Filed Under Art Gets Better | 4 Comments

Born from twitter, we thought it would be fun to create a blog where “industry pros can post horrible old work and give some current students hope.”

A sort of “It Gets Better” for aspiring artists. So, as to never miss out on a pun, we bring you:

Art Gets Better

Mike Jungbluth
Senior Animator at Zenimax Online
Final Semester, Senior Year (2004)
Lightwave – Modeled, Rigged & Animated

Episode 37 – Game-Imation

February 7, 2012 | Filed Under Episodes | 9 Comments

TOPIC: Animation Inside and Out
Guest: Daniel Floyd, Animator at Pixar Canada and Host of Extra Credits

“Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.”

Let’s play a game. Guess why we went months between episodes.
A. We got busy
B. Mike/Ryan/Both moved jobs/homes
C. We couldn’t get our crap together
D. Any of the above

Yes, those are all proper answers.

This episode we talk with Daniel about a Gordon Ramsay for games, handheld devices, free-to-play, animation sharing, story, better character performances, what we have been playing and how much we draw. Damn, it feels good to be back.

Well, back again. again… again.

And if you haven’t checked out Extra Credits before, you really should. It covers some really great topics in an incredibly smart and honest way. It has been on The Escapist and now Penny Arcade, so if you have some how missed it, yet found us, then you use the internet in some weird ways.

Show Notes:
The ReAnimator Map showing where we have all lived since we started the show
Satellite Soda Daily Draw Challenge
Game Feel by Steve Swink
Why Touch Screens Aren’t The Future of Input Design
Raph Koster’s thoughts on Story

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