Episode 37 – Game-Imation

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TOPIC: Animation Inside and Out
Guest: Daniel Floyd, Animator at Pixar Canada and Host of Extra Credits

“Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.”

Let’s play a game. Guess why we went months between episodes.
A. We got busy
B. Mike/Ryan/Both moved jobs/homes
C. We couldn’t get our crap together
D. Any of the above

Yes, those are all proper answers.

This episode we talk with Daniel about a Gordon Ramsay for games, handheld devices, free-to-play, animation sharing, story, better character performances, what we have been playing and how much we draw. Damn, it feels good to be back.

Well, back again. again… again.

And if you haven’t checked out Extra Credits before, you really should. It covers some really great topics in an incredibly smart and honest way. It has been on The Escapist and now Penny Arcade, so if you have some how missed it, yet found us, then you use the internet in some weird ways.

Show Notes:
The ReAnimator Map showing where we have all lived since we started the show
Satellite Soda Daily Draw Challenge
Game Feel by Steve Swink
Why Touch Screens Aren’t The Future of Input Design
Raph Koster’s thoughts on Story

Episode -36- Technical Animation LIVE!

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TOPIC: Technical Animation
GUEST: Tim Borrelli, Lead Animator at 5th Cell

So much for that regular schedule we mentioned back in July.  I had to travel ALL THE WAY to Kirkland, Washington to record our latest episode live with Mike and our guest, Tim Borrelli, Lead Animator at 5th Cell, who also has a strong background in technical animation. This week we talk about technical animation as well as the proliferation of online animation schools, what to do when your co-workers ask to see your reel and how to pronounce “niche” properly.

This was recorded at a pub so apologies for the constant banging of pint glasses on tables and my insatiable appetite for the carrots and celery that come with buffalo wings.   I’ve edited out the worst offending mouth noises so this one should actually be better than our worst audio.  Thankfully, if you’ve made it to episode 36, we’ve set your standards to rock-bottom levels.

I was going to make a “crunch” joke about crunching celery but I didn’t because it would’ve been stupid.

Also, I finally joined the Twitter (@AnimationMerc) and Mike(@lightbombmike) and Tim(@Anim8der) were already there.

Show notes:

Harley Quinn mocap: “It’s a man, baby!”


Episode – 35 – Breakin’ In Too: Electric Boogaloo

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TOPIC: Breaking in to the industry
GUEST: Jorma Auburn, Lead Animator at Junction Point

It almost looks like a regular schedule, doesn’t it? I don’t want to say we’re back in the swing of things and jinx ourselves but Episode 35 is back to what this show is at it’s best: a guest, a topic and a good conversation surrounding it. Jorma joins us from Junction Point Studios and the discussion is one of the most requested topics we get: how to get that first job in games.

Jorma tells his story (the rest of us told ours waaaaay back in Episode 00 and of course, episodes 25 & 26 were nothing BUT breaking in stories, some from some pretty heavy hitters in the industry) before we hit some different points about getting into the industry, including do’s and don’ts of demo reels, what you can do to stand out (hint: It’s all about work! Work hard and and network), and many other subjects, including a chunk of listener questions.

Like every episode, we start with first words, where Mike confesses his newfound love for motion control, Jorma talks about using 2d sketchovers as a faster way to review and critique animation (a technique Glen Keane used on “Tangled”; linked below), Rick brings up the inevitable discussion of super-powers and I share my theory of how the rental and used market for games contribute to game bloat.

Show notes:
-Untangling the look of “Tangled”
-CTN Expo Channel on Vimeo
-A stormtrooper gets a job at Epic Games


Episode 34 – E3OMGLOL

June 13, 2011 | Filed Under Episodes | 4 Comments

What’s this?! A new episode in just one month’s time?! INSANE!

Thanks to the excitement of E3 and all the great comments we received after the last show, we were motivated to kick out a show sooner than we expected.

We have no guest and Rick couldn’t make it, but Ryan and Mike still covered 4 first words.

We talk about whether mocap is animation, our favorite Garth Ennis comics, if animators need an online portfolio, and how our culture is stuck in a bubble.

Oh yeah, and E3.

Show Notes:
Animation Producer on why MoCap isn’t Animation
Jan Švankmajer – Food
Preacher, The Boys, HitmanTransmetropolitan
Papo & Yo

Episode – 33 – Re-United Airlines

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TOPIC: Shootin’ the breeze
GUEST: Jamey Moulton, 3D Artist at Junction Point

Hey there, sports fans,

Re-animated Ryan here, bringing you an ALL NEW, NEVER-HEARD-BEFORE episode of the Re-animators Podcast!!! For the low, low price of free! Kick back and animate to the silky sounds of Rascally “DJ Rab” Rick Blankenship and the smoky rasp of yours truly, along with returning guest and male model, golden-voiced effects artist, Jamey Moulton. Mike was there too!

This episode was mostly just a catch-up for us all, since we haven’t done an episode together since October or November but we try to keep it topical, talking about where we’re all at now, the different kinds of animators, the different scenarios of the next games industry apocalypse and what the worst Pixar movie is.

It was also our first attempt at a live group on the Snowball plus a Skype call and other than some webcam difficulties, it worked pretty much without a hitch, at least as far as recording was concerned, which opens up some more show opportunities for us, like getting some of my Nordic and Dutch friends to do the show (despite our pathetic regularity, our Snowball mic is actually quite the world traveler by now). We’re a little rusty and were in a bit of a hurry to finish so please pardon the bad edits in the second half. Yes, you missed some stuff but it’s okay since we mostly just repeat ourselves anyway.

Show notes:
Michael Carr’s blog on “Animation Nerds” (designer’s animators/animator’s animators)

My apologies for the sad plea for attention in the last half of the show as internet narcissism is one of my pet hates (says @ReanimatorsRyan on Twitter) but really, there’d be probably be more shows like ours if animators weren’t so damn busy all the time. We started doing this show because we love animation, game development and all the nerd media. And we really only found one other podcast that was doing anything close to what we had in mind (www.10thmusepodcast.com). We thought it might be something people would want to hear. But it takes money to host these podcasts and a lot of time and effort to get the three of us available to record at the same time, often across 9 or 10 different time zones, then mix, edit for content, compress, upload to distribute then blog and announce the thing. Some of these shows have taken close to a full workday to produce and share a single episode. Not to mention tapping some pretty badass guests to join us and share their smarts, which we’ve done and can continue to do.

We won’t ask for donations or anything and this is something we do enjoy doing but it would be nice to hear from those of you who feel you actually get anything out of this show, or even if you just like listening to us embarrass ourselves like monkeys at the zoo. Because I can’t speak for the other guys, but for me, my part of our ever-slipping schedule is largely due to a motivational impairment; I could get a fair bit of animation work done in just the time it takes to edit one of these things alone. I love talking shop with Mike, Rick and guests but like I’ve said before, there’s some risk to recording and sharing these conversations and I’m personally on the fence if it’s worth it.

To the many of you who have emailed and commented over our three year history, a huge thanks! You’re a big reason why I’m still along for the ride, for now.

Love and hershey kisses,
Emo Ryan

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