Episode 21 – Tight Rope of Life

April 7, 2009 | Filed Under Episodes | 4 Comments

With Ryan away on his beer eating assignment, it was up to Mike and me to record Episode 21 with guest Christian Sheppard, animator at Disney/Junction Point Studios.

Our main topic this week was balancing family and work. Our esteemed guest tells a tale of his first animation job and having to live in a barn away from his wife and kids. But before that I talk about an affair I’ve been having with Eliss. Mike talks about game critics ranting about the industry at GDC and Christian is tired of the normal mapification of the gaming world.

Show notes:

Touch Eliss, cuz she’s very touchable

Realistic Toon characters

Game Critics Rant at the Industry
“You aren’t men. You are stunted adolescents.” – Heather Chaplin, reporter, to game developers everywhere.
Leigh Alexander’s Reponse


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  1. I say “you know…” a lot.

    Comment by Christian "CC" — 04/09/2009 #

  2. you know… I wouldn’t have noticed until you mentioned it.

    Comment by Rick Blankenship — 04/12/2009 #

  3. Don’t worry, it’s better then my “uhhhhhs.”

    Comment by Ryan D — 04/13/2009 #

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